Turn your blog into a
 money-making machine.


If you’re an influencer who’s serious about having a blog that gets you noticed online, skyrockets your following, and makes you loads of passive income, you’ve found the promised land.

Here’s the secret to building a profitable blog...

You can’t only be able to write quality content, understand SEO well enough to drive traffic to your blog posts, or know all of the clever ways you can make money from paid sponsorships, ads, and affiliate marketing.


ALL of the parts have to be set up right.

The truth is

So even if you’re doing 90% of everything right, that last 10% has the make-it or break-it power.

(Which is as unfair as it is true.)

And even if you have a huge following on Instagram… that won’t help your blogging profits because blogging is a completely different game than social media. 

To turn your blog into a money-making machine, you’ll need to know exactly how to play by the blogging rules. 

It only takes 1 or 2 mistakes to keep your blog from making passive income

Create content that brings in loads of traffic every single time you post (and doesn’t disappear after 24 hours)

Attract new followers, brand deals, and paid collaborations by getting found on Google thanks to your incredible and SEO-optimized blog posts

Have a steady stream of income that you can count on to bring in money month after month, year after year

Once you know how to build a successful blog, you’ll be able to...

(Honestly... who doesn’t want that?!)

Not do one bit of work when taking time off because you know your blog is bringing in cash while you’re out enjoying yourself

No matter whether you already have a blog or you’re looking to build a blog for the first time, you’re in the perfect place.

The techniques taught in this course are the same techniques other influencers are using to make thousands in passive income every month.

Now it’s your turn. 

Influencer Blogging 101

A thorough, self-paced online course for influencers who want to make money blogging, taught by a professional blogger flipper (and blog designer for influencers) who knows the exact methods that turn any blog into a profit-generating machine. 


Gone Sun Where 

I wish I had had access to this course years ago when my love of blogging first began because it’s the only course you will need to make money with your blog. 

About ads, affiliate marketing, and what cornerstone content is. I would definitely recommend the course for both new bloggers and more experienced bloggers that want to monetize their blogs. 

Also, Gillian has a lovely voice to listen to and is easy to understand.

Everything You’ll Learn Inside of Influencer Blogging 101

Branding Your Blog

Starting with the essentials, you’ll set your blog up for success by deciding your niche, defining your ideal client, and creating your blog visuals.

module 1


  • Choosing Your Name & Niche 
  • Your Ideal Client (+ Workbooks)
  • Creating a Moodboard & Choosing Colours (+ Template) 
  • Creating Your Blog Logo 
  • Writing Your Static Content

Cornerstone Content

Your cornerstone content is the foundational content you’ll build the rest of your blog on. 

In this module, you’ll brainstorm your main blog posts, learn what to consider when writing them, and find out how to come up with hundreds of blog ideas related to your main topics so you never run out of something to post.

module 2


  • What is Cornerstone Content 
  • Brainstorming Cornerstone Content
  • Dos & Don'ts of Using Stock Images
  • Making a Content Bank from Cornerstone Content

"I actually learned more About ads, affiliate marketing, and what cornerstone content is."


Getting Traffic 

SEO isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds and once you learn the basics, your blogging income will skyrocket. 

In this module, you’ll come to understand what SEO is and how to use it so that your blog posts, products, and website can easily be found on Google.



  • Keyword Research 
  • SEO - Showit
  • SEO - WordPress
  • SEO - Posts
  • SEO - Products
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Pinterest
  • Backlinks


One of the best ways to make money on your blog is through advertisements, but you’ll want to choose the right type for your blog, know where to put them, and how to design them so they blend in seamlessly with your branding.

Those lessons, and more, are exactly what we’ll cover in this module. 



  • Running Ads
  • Platform Ads
  • Private Ads
  • Affiliate Ads
  • Creating Branded Advert Blocks 
  • Installing SHEMedia on Your Blog
  • Installing Google AdSense on Your Blog

Monetise Your Blog -

Affiliate Marketing

As a blogger, and influencer, mastering affiliate marketing is a must

Start by learning the three different types of affiliate marketing, where to use affiliate links, and how to join affiliate networks so you can get paid to promote products you genuinely love.



  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to Add Affiliate Links to Your Blog Posts
  • How to Add Affiliate Links to Your Website Pages
  • How to Get Approved by Affiliate Networks
  • An Introduction to LTK
  • An Introduction to Collective Voice

Monetise Your Blog -

Digital Products

Once you’ve got blog traffic, say hello to selling your own digital products.

This module covers all of the dos and don’ts of selling digital products and downloads on different platforms so you’ll know exactly how to make money on anything you create for your audience.



  • How to Sell Digital Products
  • Shopify vs WooCommerce vs ThriveCart
  • Selling Digital Products on Etsy 
  • Selling Digitals Products through Shopify
  • Selling Digital Downloads through ThriveCart
  • Selling Digital Downloads through WooCommerce

Monetise Your Blog -


Learn the ins and outs of getting paid for collaborations, links, and promotional content so you have one more clever way to make money from blogging.

And, to help you land more brand sponsorships, you’ll have access to a bonus lesson on media kits and two free media kit templates.



  • What is a Sponsored Post
  • Company & Brand Sponsorships 
  • Link Building Sponsorships 
  • Gifted Collaborations

Monetise Your Blog -


  • Lesson: What to Include in Your Media Kit
  • 2 Free Website and 2 Canva Media Kit Templates
  • Trusted Influencer Marketing Networks List

Email Lists

One of the most underrated things you can have as a blogger is an email list that you have total control over. 

To start yours, you’ll learn how to get people to sign up and the best places to put your sign-up form. You’ll also see a behind-the-scenes tour of my email service provider so you know how to set up and design emails, workflows, and sign-up forms on your own using Flodesk.



  • Opt-ins & Freebies
  • Newsletter Opt-In Placement 
  • Why Pop-Ups are a BIG NO!
  • Intro to Flodesk
  • Designing Newsletters in Flodesk
  • Creating Landing Pages in Flodesk
  • Creating Workflows in Flodesk


  • Checklist: What Your Lead Magnet Should Have
  • Lesson: How to Embed a Flodesk Inline Form on Your Showit Website

The Perfect Post

To have a successful blog, you’re going to need to write ridiculously good blog posts. 

From structuring your content to how many words each blog post should have, you’ll learn everything you need to know for writing blog posts that keep readers entertained for hours.


Quick Wins

All the little things you can do and download so you have a happy, healthy blog.

 In this ever-growing module, you’ll find recommended tools and resources, daily activities that will grow your blog, and quick to-dos so you know what little steps to take that will get you closer to your bigger blogging goals.



  • How to Remove Distractions from Your High-Earning Pages 
  • Must-Have Plugins 
  • Hosting Providers
  • Recommended Subscriptions


For those starting from scratch, begin here

This module will help you define your long-term blogging goals, guide you through picking a niche, and understand the important pieces of creating valuable content so that by the end, you’ll know everything you need to get started.

Bonus Module


  • Necessary Blog Foundations
  • Defining Your Niche
  • Setting Your Blog Goals

Getting Started

Skip all of the pitfalls and time traps that most beginner bloggers fall into by learning what mistakes to avoid, where and how to set up your blog, what plugins to install, and how to edit your blog design.

Bonus Module


  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Sign up for Hosting
  • Register Your Domain Name
  • Create a Professional Email Address
  • Add Your WordPress Theme
  • Customize Your Blog 
  • Essential Plugins

Oh, and, of course, there are bonuses too...

  • 2 Free Website and Canva Media Kit Templates
  • The Foundations and Getting Started Bonus Modules 
  • How to Embed a Flodesk Inline Form and What to Include in Your Media Kit Bonus Lessons
  • The Lead Magnet Checklist 
  • The Trusted Influencer Marketing Networks Influencer List 
  • Access to the Facebook community, only offered to members
  • Free, 2-Hour Workshop: Creating a Printables Business from Scratch that shows you how to create printables—with free software and zero design skills—and set up an online store, value $297 

You’ll also get...

Besides the...

Major League Mommy

I have taken courses that are twice the amount of this one, and didn't cover nearly as much! It isn't just a simple "get started with blogging" course. This is more of a "create a profitable blogging business" type of course. It is ABSOLUTELY worth the investment.

Take a look inside...

Limited Time Launch Pricing

Pay in Full

10 example-packed course modules

2 bonus modules + 2 bonus lessons

Exclusive website templates, resources, and checklists 

Access to the private Facebook community

Free access to Printable’s Business from Scratch Workshop (value $247)

1 payment of $997 (save $92)

Payment Plan

10 example-packed course modules

2 bonus modules + 2 bonus lessons

Exclusive website templates, resources, and checklists 

Access to the private Facebook community

Free access to Printable’s Business from Scratch Workshop (value $247)

3 payments of $363

Blogging is always the answer.

When you have a properly set up blog, you’ll:

Have an online space that’s 100% yours

On your blog, you’ll have total say over everything—from the people you work with to the adverts you put on it, to how much you charge. And unlike social media, you’ll never have to worry about being randomly banned or disabled.

Give your content an actual lifespan

With well-written blog posts and an SEO-optimized blog, your content will get found on Google for months, even years, to come, unlike social media platforms where content can disappear as quickly as 24 hours.

No longer have to rely only on social media 

Once you understand how to bring loads of traffic to your blog through posting valuable and properly SEO-optimized content, people will be able to find you through Google, bringing you new followers and endless opportunities.

Have a consistent stream of income 

After learning all of the clever ways to structure your blog and content so that your blog actually makes you money, you’ll have another stream of income—one that doesn’t require you to work all the time.

You shouldn’t have to pay for multiple courses to learn how to make a profitable blog…

And if there’s something you need to know that isn’t covered in the course…

While most blogging courses only focus on one aspect, like how to set up a blog or get good traffic, Influencer Blogging 101 focuses on all of the things you need to know (and how to get them right).

All you have to do is tell me and I’ll add a module. That’s how serious I am about this course having everything you need to know. 

If you're serious about blogging and creating a successful and money-making blog, then this course is definitely worth considering. [When investing in a course] you need to know you're buying into someone who knows what they're talking about and Gillian is exactly that person. She's funny, has a nice voice, and it's abundantly clear that she seriously knows what she's talking about. 

Hi, I’m Gillian Sarah— award-winning blog designer for influencers and experienced blog flipper.

Having designed 550+ websites and blogs for bloggers and influencers, run my own blog for over 7 years, and turned loads of others’ blogs into profit-generating machines, I’ve learned exactly what it takes to build a profitable blog.

(Spoiler: it involves patience and the proper strategies that are taught in this course.) 

If you’re looking to create a blog of your own that brings in a steady stream of income (instead of one that makes you feel like you’re shouting into the Google void because no one ever sees it), you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for.

And because blogging takes time to see results, my best advice from years of experience blogging and working with bloggers is…

The sooner you get started, the better. 

In case you’ve heard the rumors that blogging’s dead…

Don’t believe them






How much the global content marketing industry is expected to grow in the next 4 years

Of internet users read blogs

Marketers who prioritize blogging see 13x higher return on investment than companies that don’t

On average, businesses that blog receive 55% more website visitors

If you’re an influencer who wants to know how to make loads of passive income with your blog, you’ll need to learn… 

What niche is right for you, how to set your blogging goals, and how to track the progress you’re making 

What it takes to write content that’s easily discoverable on Google and brings in tons of traffic for years to come 

What tools are absolute must-haves for blogging and the biggest mistakes to avoid as a beginning blogger 

How to get paid for every view you get on your website (and the dos and don’ts of advertising)

How to find paid collaborations and sell digital products of your own to make your blog even more profitable 

All the clever ways to make money promoting products you truly love and use all the time 

How to grow an email list so you can build direct connections with your audience, making it easier to sell and promote

How to work within Showit, WordPress, and Canva so you can design a beautiful blog and create on-brand graphics

How to come up with ideas for blog posts that your audience, Google, and your bank account will love 

That (and more) is exactly what’s taught in Influencer Blogging 101.

Limited Time Launch Pricing

Pay in Full

10 example-packed course modules

2 bonus modules + 2 bonus lessons

Exclusive website templates, resources, and checklists 

Access to the private Facebook community

Free access to Printable’s Business from Scratch Workshop (value $247)

1 payment of $997 (save $92)

Payment Plan

10 example-packed course modules

2 bonus modules + 2 bonus lessons

Exclusive website templates, resources, and checklists 

Access to the private Facebook community

Free access to Printable’s Business from Scratch Workshop (value $247)

3 payments of $363

"Couldn’t I learn all of this for free?"

If you want to spend the next three years making all of the costly mistakes I’ve made. 

Or, you can skip the years of experimenting and Googling a million different questions trying to figure out what works so that by the time year three rolls around, you’ll be making thousands of dollars every month in passive income instead of having just figured out how to build a profitable blog.

Of course!

You'll LOVE this course if:

You'll HATE this course if:

You mean business when it comes to blogging and you’re willing to put in the work it takes

You loathe basic courses that only teach you stuff that you could have learned from one quick Google search

You know building a profitable blog takes time and you’re in it for the long run

For experienced bloggers, you’re open to implementing everything learned in this course so you can skyrocket your profits

You only want to blog for fun and don’t want to make a penny from it, especially not passively

You’re not going to put in the work it takes and are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme

You have over 10 years of experience with full-time blogging and are already making a TON of passive income

You despise classes with loads of bonuses, extra resources, and tons of examples






Yes! While this course covers the fundamentals for those who are just beginning, it’s created to teach influencers in all blogging stages how to monetize their blog. Even if you’re an experienced blogger, there’s still so much more to learn—or, at least, that’s what my students, many of whom have had years of experience blogging, tell me.

Absolutely. Two of the bonus modules were created for complete blogging beginners so you can be guided through the entire process from buying your domain to creating content. And congratulations, because if you start with this course, you’ll be miles ahead of everyone else who’s starting out. 

You can work your way through the course as fast or as slow as you like. All of the lessons are pausable and rewindable and your progress is tracked as you work your way through each module. With over 62 lessons, the course takes some time, but how much time is totally up to you. 

As soon as you purchase the course, you’ll have lifetime access for as long as the course exists. You’ll be able to revisit the course whenever you please to rewatch old lessons as well as view any new content that has been added.

Yes, I offer a 14-day risk-free guarantee. If for some reason you find this course wasn’t everything you dreamed of, you’re eligible for a refund for up to 14 days after purchase. To qualify, you must reach out and share what didn’t work for you.

Not a problem whatsoever. A huge portion of the course is dedicated to monetizing your blog (four modules are on that topic alone, to be precise). However, according to past seasoned blogging students, it’s likely you’ll find the other modules to be quite helpful, too.

Absolutely! While the course was created for influencers specifically, quite a bit of the content is useful to anyone who wants to monetize their blog. If you’ve looked over the module-by-module breakdown and felt excited about the content, you’ll love everything there is to learn in this course.

Tamara Camera Blog

I’ve been blogging for 13 years, but there’s always more to learn, no matter where you are. And, Gillian’s lovely voice and fun sense of humor make it fun. You can teach an old dog new tricks if it’s presented well like [it was in this course]. 

The sooner you get started, the sooner your blog can start making you money.

Everything you need to know to build a blog that’s a money-making machine is within this course.

Why waste another second?